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Firm Overview

Russell Acoustics is a consulting firm specializing in sound and vibration measurement, analysis and control.  Our Principal has over 30 years of experience in acoustical engineering, field measurements, teaching, and testimony.

As consultants we may, as part of a project, make recommendations, but we do not sell or install the products we recommend; in our opinion this is a conflict of interest.  Our clients have the assurance that we make recommendations that are in their best interest, not because we might make a profit from a supplier.

Services Summary

Major areas in which we work and have experience include:

  • Environmental Sound & Vibration

  • Industrial Noise

  • Aircraft Noise

  • Commercial and Industrial Noise to Residences

  • Motor Vehicle and Railroad Noise

  • Architectural Acoustics

  • Mechanical Systems Sound & Vibration

  • Regulation Enforcement and Development

  • Training in sound and vibration measurement methods

  • Design & Installation of Noise Monitoring Systems

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Our Principal

Russell Acoustics is headed by Norman Dotti, P.E, P.P.  Mr. Dotti has worked as a consulting acoustical engineer since 1971.  He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Master's degree from N.J.I.T.  His first Professional Engineer license was granted in 1972.  He has worked for industry, instrument manufacturers, individuals and homeowners associations, land developers and builders, local through the Federal governments, school systems and many other clients, in the U.S and internationally.  He has testified as an expert witness in acoustics in jurisdictions ranging from local boards and courts to Federal courts.

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Mr. Dotti is appointed by the Governor to the State of New Jersey Noise Control Council.  The Council is "charged with considering matters related to noise control and making recommendations to the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) on noise control regulations. They are empowered to veto the adoption, amendment or repeal of any codes, rule or regulation for the control of noise."

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Contact Us

To speak with an engineer or inquire about our services and your issue, for services rates and availability, please contact us at:

Russell Acoustics, LLC
P.O. Box 375
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(973) 283-0001

E-mail: info@russaco.com 

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